Hermann has a rare style – one that is built more on relationship building and mutual trust than aggressive selling. He has successfully developed and closed deals across a number of sectors like health and finance and what makes him stand out is that each of these deals were Win:Win for both parties. In addition to coaching teams and driving deals Hermann has also run and grown a business – he was responsible for the Resiliency Services business in Ireland for IBM and his stand out performance there was recovering the profit while also investing in the business for long term sustainability.

Eimar GunnVP, UKI Digital Workplace Services Practice Leader

I have had several coaching sessions with Hermann in my journey to develop my own coaching skills.
Hermann is clearly a very skilled and experienced coach who demonstrates a genuine interest into helping other people grow.
Nevertheless, there’s no free lunch with Hermann. I experienced a very challenging coaching session with Hermann and while I felt frustrated in the actual situation I probably learned more from that one particular session than all other coaching sessions I have attended up until that day. Hermann provides thoughtful, honest and direct feedback and I have had great benefit from what I have learned from Hermann.

Brian RasmussenManaging Director, Technology, Danske Bank Account

I worked with Hermann when He was Public Cloud Leader EMEA Commercial, no matter the customer, the channel pathway or the opportunity size, Hermann was great following the whole Sales Cycle, from enabling to developing solution until project was fully implemented and customer satisfied, I think that this approach brought him great success, and IBM too.

Lukas WittwerCONSULTEER Managing Director Austria & Germany